“Line Up” Now available in Australia!

The Dickinson Cattle Co Bull LINE UP comes from deep in the DCC herd of strong black, long, trim and thick cattle. Horns on 6-2-22 are 83.25″ T2T. The most challenging achievement in the TL industry is a ton plus bull with over 90″ T2T. Time Line, his sire is the forth ton+90″ bull in history. Line up will be one of the widest horned true black TL bulls (black cattle grow horn slower).

To check genetic history and ancestral data go to this link https://www.texaslonghorn.com/inventory/index.cfm?con=id&IDNo=15103&BreedCode=T&Category=Reference_Sire

By clicking on this link you will have a full pedigree. By clicking on back, up to 17 generations of planned matings can be evaluated for the serious pedigree student. A double click with any photo will give an enlarged high res projection.

Semen is reasonably priced at $110 AUD for conventional and $330 AUD for female sexed semen.
For inventory in Australia, contact:
Rocky Repro, Kimberly Dove, 89 O’Brien Rd, Alton Downs QLD 4702, Australia.
Phone 07 4934 1964 or follow this link:- LINE UP – Rocky Repro

Every 2 or 3 years Dickinson Cattle Co collects the most promising bull for export that is believed to compliment the other sires that have been exported. Line Up will work well on Spokesman, Cut’n Dried and Tuxedo daughters. With this genetic plan the herds in many countries will be a parallel quality to the DCC USA herd.

Exporting of semen and embryos is not new to DCC. It has been a regular part of the business since 1990 when live cattle were shipped by plane to Poland. Semen, cattle or embryos have been shipped to 34 countries outside the USA.

For a list of other semen sires 6 bulls are qualified for export. https://www.texaslonghorn.com/inventory/semen/index.cfm

For export embryos https://www.texaslonghorn.com/inventory/index.cfm?con=embryo